smart bones bbq lamb chops

smart bones bbq lamb chops

smart bones bbq lamb chops


The rawhide-free BBQ Lamb Chops convince with an irresistible combination of Barbecue flavour and tasty lamb, coming in a chew having the shape of a real chop. The BBQ Lamb Chops are ideal for all size dogs.

SmartBones® BBQ Lamb Chops are irresistibly delicious rawhide-free chews with Barbecue flavour and tasty lamb. In combination with their unique shape of a chop the BBQ Lamb Chops look and smell like real barbecue meat your dog can not resist.
Reward your dog by feeding SmartBones® BBQ Lamb Chops which are vitamin and mineral enriched, extra low in fat and easy to digest.
The SmartBones® BBQ Lamb Chops are made for all size dogs.

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meat and animal derivatives (chicken breast 28%, lamb 4%), cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetables (4% cauliflower, sweet potato, tomatoes), minerals, oils and fats.


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