Recall is an extremely important step in your puppy’s development that makes walks and playtime safer and easier for you as an owner. Effective recall will aid the development of a strong bond between dog and human. 

Here are Dr James Greenwood’s, resident vet on BBC One’s Morning Live, top tried and tested tips for developing efficient recall…

  1. The first time you attempt recall with your puppy, do it in a safe secure area to eliminate any danger if your puppy does not return.
  1. Work out what motivates your pup. This may be a healthy treat or an extra 10 minutes of playtime. Avoid bribing your pup, just simply reward them when they return.
  1. Never use punishment techniques. If when your puppy returns he receives physical or verbal punishment for taking too long, they are less likely to come back next time. 
  1. James explains patience is essential. He states ‘There’s no quick way to teach recall unfortunately, it takes time and practice.
  1. It’s very important to avoid quick fixes. Don’t be tempted by ‘gimmicks’ such as electric collars. They have no place in creating any sort of trusting or respectful relationship between you and your puppy. 
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