Although an idyllic time for many reasons, the Christmas period does pose a few hazards for our four-legged companions…

Happy puppy dog celebrating christmas with a red santa claus hat and smiling expression.

  1. Tinsel 

While tinsel is not toxic, it can cause serious harm if ingested. Ensure it’s placed at the top of your Christmas tree, out of your dog’s reach. 

  1. Twinkly Lights

 Curious dogs have a tendency to munch on wires, putting themselves at risk of burning themselves on bulbs or getting a small electric shock! Switch off your lights when you are out and regularly check the wires for fraying/chewing. 

  1. Advent Candles

Prevent your dog from burning their paws by placing the candles in a safe place out of reach. 

  1. Festive Foliage

Pine needles, holy, mistletoe and poinsettias can cause serious health problems if ingested by your dog. Contact your vet as soon as possible if the worst does transpire.

  1. Chocolate

One of the greatest dangers for your dog around Christmas time is chocolate due it containing methylxantines. The darker the chocolate, the higher the toxicity. Ingesting chocolate can be life threatening for dogs. 

  1. Nuts 

Walnuts, almonds, pistachios and macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs and if ingested you should receive veterinary attention immediately. 

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