Following the pandemic, canine blood donations are down by 40%. 

The past 18 months have been incredibly challenging for charities such as Pet Blood Bank UK, an organisation that distributes blood donated to vets. Nicole Osborne, the charity’s marketing manager, explained they have ‘seen a 40% reduction in the number of dogs attending sessions’. 

One dog-owner, Luke Carvalho, explained how dog blood donations have helped two of his dogs to survive. Carvalho stated, ‘Pet Blood Bank has helped to save his family twice’. His whippet Wendy required a plasma transfusion after ingesting something poisonous. More recently, Carvalho’s terrier, Toby needed blood after swallowing a rubber toy, leading to a burst intestine. 

If you’re interested in donating your dog’s blood, bring them along to one of Pet Blood Bank’s sessions around the country. Your dog must fit this criteria: 

  • Fit and healthy 
  • Between one and eight-years-old
  • Weigh more than 25kg 
  • Good temperament 
  • Never travelled outside the UK or Ireland
  • Vaccinated or have annual titre test after 1st year booster
  • Not any any medication

Find more info here

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