Approximately 80% of pets suffer from fear of fireworks, leading them to be extremely stressed and anxious. Here are a few simple ways to make sure your pet’s happy this firework season…

  • Make sure your dog has somewhere to hide and has access to this at all times. Dogs prefer places low down e.g. under a bed. Make this area warm and cosy, filled with all their favourite toys!
  • Walk your dog during daylight hours if you can. Going out before dusk reduces the risk of being caught if someone sets off early-evening fireworks.
  • At nightfall, close all your windows and doors. Play music or turn the TV off to muffle the noise of the fireworks.
  • If your dog is displaying signs of fear, ignore their behaviour. Fussing over them can lead their behaviour to escalate. Stay calm and go about your evening as normal to show your pup everything is normal.
  • Make sure dog is in a safe and secure environment so they can’t run away if they get scared. Have them micro chipped just in case.
  • Provide your dog with distractions. Stuffed treat toys, training games or interactive puzzles are the perfect way to keep you dog calm and happy.
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