Yale, home security specialists, released a list of ways to protect your dog from thieves after the increase in dog napping over the past year. Here are Wagglesworth’s top tips…

  • It’s sensible to vary the route you take your dog on it’s walk everyday. If you go the same way day after day you are making it easier for thieves to track you and locate the best spot to take your dog.
  • Microchip your dog! While a microchip won’t stop your dog from being napped it will help with locating it if disaster ever struck.
  • Double check all locks on doors and windows and replace any if they are faulty or loose.
  • Ensure all perimeter fences, walls and hedges are intact. A well secured garden is not an attractive proposition for thieves.
  • Ensure your security lighting is working correctly and not blocked by any trees or bushes. A well-lit home is a definite deterrent for anyone thinking about napping a dog.
  • Invest in CCTV. Thanks to wireless technology CCTV is now fairly affordable and easy to install. Better to be safe than sorry!
  • May seem silly but having a gravel path or driveway is hugely off-putting for burglars. As soon as they attempt to enter your property the sound of their shoes on the gravel will most likely alert you, or your dog, to their presence before they can commit the intended crime.
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