One of the most challenging aspects of puppy training is getting your pup to kick the habit of chewing everything and anything. To a young dog every chair leg, carpet and pair of wellies is a toy and an opportunity for enjoyment!

Here are our three top tips…

  • If your dog is afflicted with an insatiable appetite, excessive chewing can be an unfortunate complication. We suggest feeding your dog a suitable high bulk diet. Ask your vet for recommendations. This will hopefully lead to your dog feeling less hungry and therefore less inclined to chew on your belongings!
  • Changing diet hasn’t helped? Try giving your dog his food via a food releasing toy. These make your puppy work for its food! Ultimately, if the situation does not change as the puppy progresses into adulthood, you may need to use a basket-type muzzle on your pup for any periods when he’s not being directly observed.
  • In some cases, excessive chewing can progress into a biting habit. Use hands off toys, such as feathers-on-wands, to combat this. If the biting continues, Telegraph vet, Pete Wedderburn advises pet owners to organise a one-to-one consult with a dog behaviourist. Playful biting in puppies can escalate quickly into a more serious habit if not addressed.
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