Every dog is extraordinary, especially in the eyes of their owner. However, these five dogs have attained incredible feats of intelligence and demonstrated intense loyalty that deserves recognition. 


Jingles is the prison therapy dog at Magilligan Prison in Limavady. The inmates are permitted to interact with Jingles and walk him when they exercise. The dog accompanies inmates to stressful situations such as interrogations or group therapy highlighting the vital role Jingle plays in the inmate’s well-being. Following Jingle’s success, a pioneering programme is being introduced at the prison to train offenders as dog trainers! 

  1. NOODLE 

Noodle is a 9-year-old schnoodle who works in dementia wards. Noodle’s owner, Debbie Taffler from the Mayhew Trust heavily researched how dogs can mitigate suffering in dementia owners by being a welcome distraction or potentially evoking memories from a patient’s childhood.  


3.  PIP 

Pip the diabetic alert dog is a 7-year-old border collie belonging to Katie Gregson. Pip is trained to sense Katie’s blood sugar levels while she’s sleeping and alert Katie’s parents. Gregson’s father believes Pip saves his daughter’s life at least once a week. Katie used samples of her saliva at high, normal and low blood sugar to teach Pip to recognise the different smells as good or bad and associate them with her safety! 

  1. MYA 

Mya, a border collie-springer spaniel cross, lives with Mark Lawrence. Lawrence has complex PTSD from serving in the armed forces and the pair was matched via Mya aids Mark when he has flashbacks by nudging him, bringing him back to the present. She has stopped Lawrence from taking his life twice! 

  1. TEDDY 

Teddy is a rescue schnoodle who woke his 65-year-old owner, Andy Szazs from a pneumonia induced coma with one bark! Andy has previously credited Teddy with helping him heal after a bowel cancer diagnosis. Szazs states Teddy laid next to him for weeks on end until he recovered!

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